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Build an automated
product to monitor and protect your cloud
Consistent, intergrate and comprehensive
solution to control your assets
What is cloud and cloud security? Why cloud security is required?”- Enterprises who survive in recent decades have no longer felt strange with these answers. Instead, the itchy question is that how cloud native security works for their architecture and development.
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Instead of different cloud infrastructures or cloud environments report (Developing/Testing, Staging, UAT, Production…), we provide a visualized dashboard displaying security postures across your entire application lifecycle.
akaSAFE automatically identifies vulnerabilities (security weakness, misconfiguration, data leaking...) hiding across your entire application lifecycle following industry standards: CIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC2.
Our experienced cybersecurity experts are willing to discuss, analyze and support in-need customers to investigate incidents, seek root cause, and remedy security issues.
Cloud Environments Supported
google cloud amazon microsoft azure
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