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akaSAFE is an FPT’s security product that focuses on auditing and monitoring cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure and IBM Cloud) following security industry standards such as CIS, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, etc. This product also allows users to remediate, automatically or manually, security issues on their cloud platform. Moreover, akaSAFE provides not only visualizations that offer users a broad overview of their cloud security status but also detail reports by which users can deeply understand their current issues. Users are also well-informed by alerts generated if any suspicious events or misconfigurations are detected via convenient ways.
akaSAFE delivers verified security and compliances to businesses of all sizes across public cloud environments.
Nowadays, cloud security and sensitive data protection are becoming leading concerns as companies are increasingly loading their assets onto the Internet. With backing resources from a 30-year-experienced IT force, akaSAFE promises you an effective, saving and cloud-native approach to your cloud infrastructure security 24/7. With akaSAFE, your cloud platform is securely protected.
Our platform is designed to support IT Managed Service Provider, DevOps/IT department and literally any-size companies who intend to ultimately secure their cloud platform and are seeking for a cost and time-effective solution.
FPT Software is part of FPT Corporation (FPT – HoSE) – the global leading technology and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam with nearly US$1 billion in revenue and 28,000 employees. We have branches located in 25 cities of 8 countries on all continents such as the EU, USA, Asia Pacific, and Australia.
Qualified with CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001:2013, ASPICE LEVEL 3, akaSAFE is the only security platform developed based on world-class standards and processes.
Permissions for akaSAFE on the cloud platform are manually configured by users that ensures akaSAFE to only access allowed resources and data.
akaSAFE enables you to
• Audit cloud resources’ configuration and ensure they are compliant with security standards and best practices
• Automatically remediate or guide step-by-step to tackle cloud resources’ misconfiguration issue
• Monitor cloud and network events
• Customize your security policies to audit or monitor your cloud platform
• Investigate resource configurations, user and network events
• Alert abnormal behaviors or suspicious events on the cloud via email, text message, skype, etc.
• Visualize cloud security status and generate reports
akaSAFE facilitates businesses to audit, monitor and maintain cloud compliance with different industry standards on AWS, Azure and other public IaaS clouds. With being compliant with these standards, your cloud will be highly secure from being compromised by attackers. You can have an overview of the status of your compliance against standards as well as industry best practices. akaSAFE not only allows you to see which specific parts are facing issues but also identify the root cause behind them. The remediation function is provided to help users to address their incompliant problems. In addition, the cost and performance of your cloud services will also be greatly optimized.
akaSAFE offers broad and flexible APIs to integrate with third-party solutions. If customers’ business cases demand any functionalities which haven’t been covered in current APIs, we will be willing to support them.
You can access the address akasafe.io and sign up for a new account. We offer 30 days of free trial for all customers.
We have a flexible pricing model, so please contact us to arrange the most convenient and reasonable model for you.
Please feel free to send us an email to akasafe.support@fsoft.com.vn or haimv2@fsoft.com.vn or contact 0969071915 (Mr. Hai).
Please feel free to send us an email to akasafe.support@fsoft.com.vn or haimv2@fsoft.com.vn or contact 0969071915 (Mr. Hai).