3 stragies of FPT DPS Cybersecurity COE team 2020
dt    01 Feb 2020

FPT DPS Cybersecurity COE is a specialized unit of FPT DPS, bringing together leading security experts. The unit is expected to achieve the No. 1 position in cybersecurity of FPT in general and FSOFT in particular.

In recent meetings between leaders of FPT and FSOFT, FPT DPS Chairman- Mr. Do Van Khac affirmed: “Based on the current capacity of FSOFT, one of the important COEs which FSOFT needs to build is Cybersecurity. Whether Cloud, IoT or large applications for E-Commerce … Cybersecurity part is always extremely important for customers to trust us.”

Thereby it can be seen that FSOFT has a top concern about Cybersecurity, while DPS currently owns a very strong force of Cybersecurity experts. Immediately setting up an action plan is extremely necessary for DPS to turn up to become the number one cybersecurity force in FSOFT and FPT.

Recently, DPS Cybersecurity COE under DTS had an important meeting with the presence of CTO Vu Hong Chien, Director of DPS Cybersecurity COE Mac Van Hai and all experts in the team. Thereby, the 3 most urgent programs have been proposed:

First: Universalizing the names of DPS Cybersecurity COE to more Account Manager (AM) and Delivery manager (DM). Through that, the unit expects to have more opportunities to work directly with customers.

Secondly: DPS Cybersecurity COE actively participates in domestic and international conferences on Cybersecurity, posts a variety of topics on prestigious international technology forums such as medium.com, cnet.com, etc. such as publishing security holes and finding our team.

Thirdly: DPS Cybersecurity COE implements a series of security programs within FPT itself. The unit is playing an important role in promoting Secure Coding in Software Development projects according to ISO 27034 - security standards in software development; as well as Data leak prevention solutions like Git monitoring or DLP. From there, FSOFT will gain customers ‘trust in its developer team as a force that not only solves customers’ business problems but also ensures the security of the products created.

Currently, Cybersecurity is especially important in large projects. DPS Cybersecurity COE also has the capacity to perform many tasks for “whale” customers such as Airbus, Lenovo, Sysmex, KMI … Certainly with their specific actions, DPS Cybersecurity COE will soon become. a “trusted friend” that any project that has a need for cybersecurity finds.